Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Need to inspire you


There are still so many things I would love to blog about, I do have so many items in mind to write about, but some times I do feel the need to inspire you and to share the beautiful and inspiring interior design related images I recently came across and of which I am sure you will love them too !


My eyes were drawn to the glow on these plates, when I came across this image ! Love to see a collection of pewter plates in a kitchen. This image reminds me of Fall season coming our way ! Good idea for a Fall decor vignette.

7Source Pinterest


I couldn’t get my eyes off this picture of a room designed by Juan Pablo Molyneaux. I love all of it here : paneling, decorative painted ceiling, flooring, the old painting and the flower branches lighting up this room. Awesome !

10Source Habitually Chic


And what about this bedroom ??  Isn’t it gorgeous ???  The decorative wall paper (Zuber, de Gournay ???), the antique bed and lovely bed linen ! Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything about the designer of this room ! If anyone of you can tell me more about this bedroom, please let me know, I would appreciate !

3Source here


Paneling ! Yes, I am always looking for inspiring images of paneling. Thousands of pictures in my ‘paneling file’ by now !

I dare to bring in a black painted element in a natural wood paneled room, as Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam did here with the door and door frame.

9Source Nicolas Haslam website


Absolutely my style here. Love the combination of a traditional chimney and a more contemporary paneled wall. I am currently designing this kind of paneling for a client’s project. I am already curious about our client’s thoughts !!!

5Source here


Beautiful colors in this room at the holiday home of French fashion designer Manon Martin, that is located in Tunisia. Here is chosen for a neutral color palette with hints of green, pink, orange and brown. Love it !

2Source here


Just love this kitchen sink and mural shelving.

6Source here


One of the beautiful and traditional Belgian style decorated bedrooms at the Belgian B&B Rolleken 24. Lime painted walls and faded colors of Belgian bed linen. Notice the green painted door !

4 Source here


Love the placards, made of antique French doors, in a kitchen designed by French interior designer Dominique Sollier.

1Source here


Next time I have to design a pantry for a cabin, I definitely will opt for this idea here !

8Source here


I’d love to hear your thoughts about these images. Do they inspire you too ?


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Friday, August 21, 2015

Perfect country getaway


If you would love to spend some time in the country side, then I found the perfect getaway for you !

‘FIREFLY’ is an authentic woodcutter’s cabin near Mawgan Porth, Cornwall, UK, offering a unique, rustic, self-catering experience ‘into the wild’. It is the perfect escape for those who would love to take a break in the countryside.

The real luxury here is the organic, natural beauty of the simple life.


The charming cabin has a warm and rustic interior.

Who wouldn’t love to cosy up by this real open fire ?50585-highresImages © Unique Home Stays www.uniquehomestays.com +44 (0) 1637 881183


Ideal place for travellers with a four-legged friend !50570-highresImages © Unique Home Stays www.uniquehomestays.com +44 (0) 1637 881183


Timber-clad shack with a warm, weathered finish.50573-highresImages © Unique Home Stays www.uniquehomestays.com +44 (0) 1637 881183


Fully equipped open-plan kitchen including Aga. 50653-highresImages © Unique Home Stays www.uniquehomestays.com +44 (0) 1637 881183


Rough luxe self-catering.50654-highresImages © Unique Home Stays www.uniquehomestays.com +44 (0) 1637 881183


Charming bedroom with kingsize bed dressed in crumpled French linen.50655-highresImages © Unique Home Stays www.uniquehomestays.com +44 (0) 1637 881183


En suite bathroom with custom-built concrete bath and sink.50580-highresImages © Unique Home Stays www.uniquehomestays.com +44 (0) 1637 881183


The rustic charm cabin with outside fire and BBQ. The natural swimming pond will be a naturalists dream, best observed by moonlight from the rocking chairs on the veranda.50576-highresImages © Unique Home Stays www.uniquehomestays.com +44 (0) 1637 881183

Imagine your wintertime stay in this cabin, curling up with a book fireside, having a glass of wine, while snowflakes fall around… The perfect hideaway for a romantic getaway.


Some of the best surf beaches in Cornwall close by.51305-highresImages © Unique Home Stays www.uniquehomestays.com +44 (0) 1637 881183


Or enjoy your morning coastal walk in Cornwall.50670-highresImages © Unique Home Stays www.uniquehomestays.com +44 (0) 1637 881183

 Already packed ??!!


For more details and enquiries about FIREFLY cabin, please visit the Unique Home Stays website page here or call +44 (0) 1637 881183.

Please visit UNIQUE HOME STAYS to discover your prefered getaway location.



Enjoy the weekend !



All images with permission of Unique Home Stays.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Frederiek Van Pamel, Belgian passionate flower artist and master binder


Today’s blogpost is an eye candy post, filled with pictures of the amazing work of our Belgian master florist Frederiek Van Pamel.

Frederiek is not only a master binder and sought after artist taking care of all your prestigious events, he is even a talented decorator who is designing your interior as well as your garden.

I absolutely wanted to introduce you to Frederiek, because I just love his work. I am always looking forward to new pictures, he regularly posts on his Facebook Page.

By bundling the photos of my today’s post I tried to captivate the finesse of Frederiek’s refined floral creations and to show the creativity and craftsmanship of this passionate Belgian master binder.


FVP 0Floral ‘jewels’ 

Frederiek is an ‘atmospheric architect’ who knows exactly how to transform a room into a magical place by bringing in the most outstanding floral ‘jewels’ of his hand.

Whether you hire Frederiek Van Pamel for your wedding event, for a private occasion or for another floral arranging project as a private party or a themed ball, your business or product presentation, Frederiek and his team will take care of it and will make of your event the most unique and memorable happening.



Wedding party table arrangement.

FVP 7 - GarnierImage source Garnier Interiors


FVP 1 - Garnier Image source Garnier Interiors


FVP 8Frederiek is making final touches and lighting candles before the bride and bridegroom make their entree.


FVP 5 - GarnierImage source Garnier Interiors


FVP 00


FVP 3 - GarnierImage source Garnier Interiors

All above pictures are of a wedding event that took place at the beautiful location ‘Vaucelleshof’ in Damme, in the countryside of Bruges. See also my earlier blogpost about the ‘Vaucelleshof’ here.




Church wedding floral arrangements.

FVP 10


FVP 16Frederiek at work.   Photo credit Eva de Gols


FVP 13


FVP 12Photo credit Eva de Gols


FVP 11


FVP 0000Photo credit Eva de Gols


FVP 15Importance of the smallest detail.    Photo credit Eva de Gols


FVP 14Photo credit Eva de Gols


FVP 17

Creativity and craftsmanship transform a room into the most magical place.

FVP 18


FVP 24


FVP 35Fresh flowers at Frederiek’s boutique in Bruges.


FVP 19

Summer party arrangements.

FVP 20


FVP 22


FVP 23

What’s not to love here ???!!!

FVP 21


FVP 25

Bringing a room to life with imagination and beautiful flowers.

FVP 26


Gorgeous table arrangement for a private occasion.

FVP 27

FVP 28


Frederiek Van Pamel takes part at this year’s event ‘FLOWERTIME’ in Brussels, taking place this weekend (August 13 -16). Together with other Belgian and internationally renowned floral artists and landscape designers, he has dressed up the rooms of the Brussels Town Hall into an idyllic place. Visitors are offered a chance to admire the craftsmanship of the artists, to see what is new and to know more about trends. They will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of this historical place, refined with the riches of the fragrant flowers, all inspired by Italian baroque.


FVP 34Captivating beauty of flowers in a historic setting. Town Hall of Brussels - Flowertime 2015 Event


FVP 29Ecuador roses awaiting to be bundled into outstanding bouquets.


FVP 30Frederiek is supported by his team of employees, conjuring the most beautiful bouquets from their hands.


FVP 31Final touch by the master himself.


FVP 33Floral table creations at the Brussels Town Hall  - Flowertime 2015 (August 13 - 16).


FVP 36Love these words quoted by Frederiek on a Valentine’s Day boutique window.

His shop in Bruges is a paradise for anyone who wants to be inspired. You will find fresh flowers, all kinds of floral creations and even the most particular interior design furniture and accessories.

Frederiek Van Pamel, Eiermarkt 3, BruggeFrederiek Van Pamel Boutique in Bruges   Image source here Toerisme Brugge / Jan D’Hondt


FVP 37Frederiek Van Pamel’s boutique in Bruges.

To see more of Frederiek’s work, please visit his website at http://www.frederiekvanpamel.be

or follow Frederiek Van Pamel on Facebook HERE, where he regularly posts new pictures of his work.

FVP 39


I even wanted to inform you that Frederiek was commissioned to design the interior of the recently new opened bar BAR’N. 

A new place to be and a second reason to visit Bruges !

BAR'NBAR’N , Sint-Amandstraat 2, Bruges - Belgium

Interior - concept and decoration by Frederiek Van Pamel


What do you think? Shouldn’t we hire Frederiek thinking about a future Belgian event for bloggers?

I am already looking forward to see his coming Christmas creations!




Pictures source : Website or Facebook page of Frederiek Van Pamel (except otherwise mentioned)

All posted with permission of Frederiek Van Pamel.